Re: integration meeting minutes (5/27/2020)

Srinivas <srinivas.rachakonda@...>

Hi Anil,


Attached is the excel sheet for netvirt jobs.


Tempest jobs are not added in this sheet.






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On 6/3/20 7:21 PM, Anil Belur wrote:

Hi Srinivas, 


As discussed on the integration call, please share the excel sheet which describes the list of job names that need to be modified as per the table shared on the meeting minutes.

Anil, the list is there in the meeting minutes:

just to remind you, the names of netvirt jobs will always have the ODL version
and OpenStack version, and that is all the mapping is taking in to account.
For example, Aluminium+Stein runs daily, but Magneisum+Queens runs weekly.






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