Re: [kernel-dev] ovsdb sodium failing to build after MRI bump

Robert Varga

On 22/07/2020 21:20, JamO Luhrsen wrote:

One clue I have is that if I downgrade mdsal from version 4.0.16 to
4.0.15 the build
will pass.

Looking for ideas because I've run out :)
nite@nitebug : ~/odl/ovsdb on $ mvnDebug clean install -rf :library

then attaching Eclipse debugger, breaking on IllegalArgumentException
being thrown ends up with a stack trace which points to:


... which is why I just hate blueprint-maven-plugin with a passion. Why
in the world does it need to scan the entire dependency path?!

This can, of course, be fixed locally by adding following configuration:


given what we are doing, this should have been placed into each and
every instance of the plugin across all projects, in the form of:



so that generation considers *only* the artifact being built, but alas
whoever introduce this magnificent piece of engineering did not care to
read the documentation properly.

At any rate, this is not biting Mg/Al because those release trains have
an upgraded XBean override, i.e. it needs to be backported, just as in


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