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Anil Belur

Hi Guillaume: 

These are the default values configured for the quality gates for all ODL $projects. If required we can create custom gates and configure them to a list of $projects.
I don't see your GH id added to the projects members list. I am not sure if you can create/modify quality gates as non-admin user (we can give it a try). Please open a helpdesk ticket along with your Github account id and the project details. :-)


On Fri, Apr 30, 2021 at 9:52 PM <guillaume.lambert@...> wrote:

Thanks Anil for your feedback at the TSC meeting.


As discussed, I’ve got a concern about the thresholds now configured in the quality gate.

They are currently configured to these values: >80% of Junit  coverage and <3% of Duplication code.

In my opinion, this default setting is not adapted to every project.

Is there a way to modify it and/or allow a per-project specific configuration ?

The interface at this URL seems to be the right place but is locked.


Best Regards




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Hello team,

SonarQube service [1.] has been transitioned to a cloud-based Sonarcloud service [2.]. Since the scans were done during August 2020, the SonarQube service [1.] will be decommissioned going forward.

All Jenkins jobs are migrated to work with [2.] and the relevant changes are already merged on releng/builder repo. Going forward please use service [2.].


Anil Belur


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