Re: Triggering rtd-merge job after release-merge?

Anil Belur

Greetings Robert:

I checked the JJB code for the controller rtd-merge-master, the Gerrit triggers seem to work as expected triggering the required jobs. Ex: Job #4 was triggered from a merge from the change request 94725.
From what I understand, the release merge job are responsible for promoting the staging repo, which should create a new version ex: 3.0.6 in$project. 
Every new release on the self-managed projects would require activating the new version on RTD (as admin). That should trigger a new build to update the docs for the $project. 

I am not sure if triggering rtd-merge as a downstream job on every release merge would be the right way for this. Will need to dig in a bit and get back to you.

+docs folks on any suggestions. 



On Wed, Jun 9, 2021 at 7:27 PM Robert Varga <nite@...> wrote:

while resolving links to MRI projects, I have come
across a slight problem with having versions propagated.

Since MRI projects produce versions rather more often than their
documentation changes the admin interface does not see the new versions,
for example in

The list of versions is updated by $project-rtd-merge jobs, hence for
MRI projects (for example controller), I need to trigger

The idea is that controller-release-merge produces the version tag in
git repo, and controller-rtd-merge-master then picks it up and lets
ReadTheDocs know about it.

Is there a way to create this trigger in releng/builder's JJB?


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