[it-infrastructure-alerts][notice] ODL maintenance window (11:00pm Sun, Nov 14 - 3:30am Mon, Nov 15 UTC)

Anil Belur

What: LF will perform maintenance on ODL services.

When:  11:00pm Sun, Nov 14 - 3:30am Mon, Nov 15 UTC (10:00am Mon, Nov 15 - 2:30pm Mon, Nov 15 AEDT)

Why: ODL Services (Jenkins, Nexus) some of LVM's need to be migrated across data centers. LF will also update Gerrit to 3.3.x.
Impact: Users may be unable to access any services (Jira, Gerrit, Wiki, Jenkins, Sonar, Nexus, Sigul) during this time.

Jenkins will be put in shutdown mode before the window starts and any long-running Jenkins jobs _will_ be canceled if they don't complete before the start of the window. Notices will be posted to the mailing lists and on the LFN #opendaylight slack channel at the start and end of the maintenance.

Anil Belur

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