[tsc] Proposal to archive inactive projects.

Anil Belur

Hello TSC: 

The list of $projects (and last activity on the repo) are inactive for the last ~2 release cycles and good candidates for project archival.

- l2switch: Apr, 2021
- dlux: Sept, 2020
- dluxapps: Oct, 2020
- netvirt: June, 2021
- odlguice: Oct, 2020
- odlmicro: Dec, 2020
- odlsaf: Dec, 2020
- odltools: Oct, 2020
- p4plugin: Oct, 2020
- plastic: Oct, 2020
- unimgr: Sept, 2021

Please vote (+1,0,-1) for each of the projects (individually). 

Once the voting is complete, I'll initiate the archival process that includes purging any jobs from JJB and marking the Gerrit repo as 'read-only'.  

Anil Belur

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