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Carol Sanders <carol.sanders@...>

I would love to be able to demo results of some of our test way On Labs did graphically.

It’s probably too much to implement for our current milestone dates but we could perhaps plan to integrate

a graphical demonstration of the Test/Automation and CIT environment later.


Very cool,





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Yes Luis, I was present at the TWS call as well. ON.LAB Preso was awesome.



the webx recording link is at 

Sep 30th meeting.



They claim that they have they Unit testing covering 70% code coverage and their 


System/Integration testing  taking it to 85%.


We should be able to look at what they have and leverage, given that it is an open sources code base.


I am trying to get the contact of folks in ON.LAB and reach out to them. Plan to get my environment setup to  get their git code base.







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> Yes I will take a look today.
> Thanks,
> Carol
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> Hi Carol,
> Today I learned through the TWS call that people from ON.LAB ( are developing another kind (OS based) of SDN controller called ONOS. It happens that they use a test framework also developed by them called TestON ( and even more interesting they offer a set of TCs for those interested in testing the SDN controller. We should maybe take a look and see if we can reuse something...
> Thanks/Luis
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