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Luis Gomez <luis.gomez@...>

Just sent the mail and I found this link:


This is maybe what we need for REST requests in Robot…


From: Luis Gomez
Sent: Tuesday, November 05, 2013 5:17 PM
To: Carol Sanders (carol.sanders@...); punal.patel@...
Cc: 'integration-dev@...'
Subject: Robot framework


Hi Carol and Punal,


I checked the Robot framework using the wiki instruction Carol wrote and I liked very much, specially how clear and easy is to write a test case (SimpleTest.txt) and the reporting.


Now I have a few questions on how to proceed from here:


-          Can anybody explain more in detail how the test case description (SimpleTest.txt) maps into python calls?

-          For ODL system test we will need REST requests, I believe we can use an existing Robot library or the Python scripts generated by the China team, is this correct?

-          Also for ODL system test we will need to control the mininet VM, start topology, do ping, etc… any idea on how to program this in Robot? Python again?

-          Finally I think the best would be if someone with Robot experience just write one OpenDaylight test case and show us how it is done, any volunteer?




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