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Liguangpeng (Roc, IPTechnologyResearchDept&HW) <>

It is inspiring.  Welcome more and more people to contribute. J




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Hi all,


This is what we discussed today in our Thursday test tools meeting:


-          Robot framework is the best candidate to manage the system test. We still need to evaluate TestON framework used in ONLab but given the time frame we have, we may decide to postpone the implementation even we like it more than Robot.


-          CSIT Test scripts: The best way to integrate python test scripts into Robot is to write a Robot library following google recommendations: so that we can deliver something  that can be used by any robot user and follows the Robot purpose. Baohua and Denghui will lead this task, everybody is welcome to collaborate.


-          GIT repo: The existing CSIT test scripts are still very useful for manual test so we will keep them where they are and we will create a new folder for Robot library following the recommended structure (if any). Robot code will be put in its own folder as well, we need to think on a good structure that match the system test plan.


-          Jenkins needs to be properly configured for system test. Luis and Carol will work on a proposal that will be shared and reviewed by the group. The plan for next week is to verify Jenkins-Robot configuration in Open Lab at Ericsson and then move the test bed to OpenDaylight.


-          System Test Plan: I will be writing system test plan for OVSDB in the wiki, now that it is officially in the base edition. We will need more people to take a look on Virtualization and Service Provider editions now that things are getting more solid and APIs are getting clear. I will prepare a list of tasks before next Wednesday meeting.


Thanks everybody for your work, especially on the last weeks. With your effort I am pretty convinced we can fulfill our main deliverable for M5: Have the first system test running in OpenDaylight.




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