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Thanks Christine, just let us know when you have a switch we can test with as well as when your API/features get finalized.

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Hi Luis,

Apologies of replying so late due to mail missing...

We use off-the-shelf commodity Ethernet switches, from D-Link and Edge-Core. For the case of testing without real switches, we tried to find something like Mininet for Ethernet switch, but not yet find a workable one. This issue is also important to us, if we find out a solution, will let you know ASAP.


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Hi Paiwei,

We are currently building a test bed for OpenDaylight system test, so I would need some information from SNMP project. In your case I see you are using existing SAL services (like Flow Programmer) to integrate SNMP Ethernet switches into SDN. Now my question is:

1) What kind of SNMP switch device are you using in your development?
2) Can we get something similar to do system test? otherwise any recommendation for doing system test?


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