Virtualization Edition Guide for VTN Manager

Hideyuki Tai <h-tai@...>

Hi all,

I've written the procedure how to run VTN Manager without any trouble in the Virtualization Edition
in the following page.

VTN Manager does not work correctly when the following bundles are running:
* arphandler bundle (org.opendaylight.controller.arphandler)
* sample bundles (org.opendaylight.controller.samples.*)
* affinity bundles (org.opendaylight.affinity.*)

For example, simpleforwarding (org.opendaylight.controller.samples.simpleforwarding) sets
flow entries automatically after detecting host information.
These flow entries might be inconsistent with flow entries installed by VTN Manager.

To let VTN Manager work correctly in the Virtualization Edition,
you have to stop the above bundles.
For example, to prevent OSGi framework from automatically installing and starting the above bundles,
please edit configuration/config.ini as follows.

47 # Avoid to auto-install following bundles, that means those need
48 # to be started manually or in other way like osgi.bundles
49 #felix.fileinstall.filter=^(?!org.apache.felix.fileinstall).*
50 felix.fileinstall.filter=\
51 ^(?!org\\.(apache\\.felix\\.fileinstall|\
52 opendaylight\\.(affinity|\
53 controller\\.(arphandler|samples)))).*

Installation Guide for VTN Coordinator is available here:

To test VTN Coordinator, please check the above guide.
VTN Coordinator is not included in the Virtualization Edition yet,
but I believe that it will be included soon.

Hideyuki Tai

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