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Thanks for your reply! We can discuss within the OF plugin team tomorrow about integration with other projects including VTN & discuss afterwards over email/IRC.

Hideyuki Tai ---11/26/2013 03:54:17 PM---Hi all, Thank you for including us.

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Date: 11/26/2013 03:54 PM
Subject: RE: [vtn-dev] Fw: OF plugin weekly meeting minutes

Hi all,
Thank you for including us.
I’m very interested in the integration of VTN over the new OF 1.0/1.3 plugin.
However, I’m afraid I can’t make it to the meeting.
Most of the members of VTN Project live in Japan,
so it is a little difficult for us to attend meetings.
Are there any specific discussion item related to VTN Project?
Do you need any input from VTN Project?
Hideyuki Tai

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 [vtn-dev] Fw: OF plugin weekly meeting minutes

Sending to the VTN team as well. Per Anees' suggestion - will include Hideyuki-san and Yun-san in the Wednesday meeting invite.

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11/25/2013 12:08 PM
OF plugin weekly meeting minutes

OF plugin team and the integration test team,

We will reconvene on Wednesday (7:30 am Pacific/4:30 pm Slovakia/9 pm India) for follow-up on the remaining tasks; as well as the remaining time & discuss issues like what we can give to the integration test team – as well as the integration with other projects  dependent on OpenFlow like VTN & OVSDB.

Given that there are several end-to-end tasks remaining and our end date is Dec 9 – we need to devote the next 2 weeks in the following manner:

This week (Nov 25-Dec 2): Finish the remaining end-to-end tasks.
Next week (Dec 2-9):
1) Between the controller team, OF plugin & the library teams – ensure that the AD-SAL compatibility is taken care of and basic code path works – for the legacy applications using AD-SAL.
2) Tests by the integration test team – using REST API to configure static flows, groups, meters – as well as query stats/counters.


End to end tasks completed:


1. Inventory end to end – nodes, coming up, ports, etc.


End to end tasks remaining:


1. Flow programming (Prasanna & team) including group & meter:  testing to start tomorrow. Working on patch 2853 (this needs to be merged – Michal to follow up with Tony). Prasanna is using a test module to test it rather than the REST API.
2. Topology – (Michal Rehak fixing handshake issues without which the topology work cannot get started – so we will need to revisit this when we meet again on Wednesday)
3. Miscellaneous items after switch discovery – capabilities – how many tables, does it already have flows, table properties like #flows; deleting existing flows (clear the flow table using a wild carded flow mod to delete all) at the start? (Ed & all)
4. Stats end-to-end tests (Anil)
5. Host tracker & ARP Handler (we had decided earlier there were no changes on this – confirm on Wednesday)
6. Listening on 6633 and 6653 (Michal)


Other Notes/questions:


> Guidance from Prasanna about flow programming:
- Within the controller (from NSF or an OSGI bundle packaged with the controller) should use the Java API
- Applications outside the controller use the REST API.

> Legacy 1.0 application flows mapping to 1.3 style flow (a 1.3 flow with an instruction of “apply-actions immediately” – and the appropriate set fields. This should be handled at the application level – the application should call the API which handles this. Question: so will these protocol level details  for the flow not be abstracted out in the flow programming API?

> Table features multipart (empty body query) – challenge OVS does not support this. LINC supports this?

> Table miss entry (inventory) – I missed what was decided on this (I got disconnected 2-3 times around this).
Can someone provide this info?

> Model barrier request or just atomicity (and translate to barrier for OpenFlow)? From plugin?


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