Re: Moving forward to SP and Virt editions

Hideyuki Tai <h-tai@...>

Hi Luis,


VTN Manager works without VTN Coordinator.

Therefore, it makes sense to test VTN Manger alone with the existing setup.



Hideyuki Tai


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Subject: RE: Moving forward to SP and Virt editions


Hi Hideyuki,


Thanks for remind me on this one. So far the setup we have at OpenDaylight has only one controller VM and one mininet VM, since VTN coordinator lives outside the controller we need to add an extra VM but that should not be an issue, just takes a little of time. The question I have for you is more, does it make sense to test VTN Mgr alone with the existing setup or should we wait until we have the VTN coordinator image running? Or put it another way: does the VTN Mgr work without VTN coordinator in any scenario or VTN Mgr should be always accompanied of VTN Coordinator.





From: Hideyuki Tai [mailto:h-tai@...]
Sent: Monday, December 09, 2013 3:37 PM
To: Luis Gomez; 'integration-dev@...'
Subject: RE: Moving forward to SP and Virt editions


Hi all,


Could you please add VTN Coordinator to the list of modules that need to be tested?


VTN project is developing two components, VTN Coordinator and VTN Manager.

Both of them are in Virtualization Edition.



Hideyuki Tai


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Subject: [integration-dev] Moving forward to SP and Virt editions


Hi all,


I was this morning in the OF plugin weekly call and there is still some ongoing work for OF 1.3. (the missing part in Base edition). At the same time I see some people in integration ready to do something so I think this is probably a good time to start looking at the other 2 editions: Virtualization and Service Provider editions.


First I would like to make a list of modules that need to be covered by system test, these are (let me know if I forget some):


Virtualization edition:

- VTN Manager

- Affinity

- OVSDB Neutron API

- OpenDove oDMC


Service Provider edition:





Second, I would like people in integration (that are not busy now) to pick a module each knowing that the work required will be:


- Read about the module and work with the developers to understand what would be a good system test

- Write a system test plan for the module in our wiki

- Implement the system test using Robot framework


The overall work for a single module can take some time so it is good idea to start now. For the same reason do not take more than 1-2 modules per person in the beginning unless you really have the time for it.


I will open new tasks in Trello for all the above so please feel free to add your names on them. You can also mail me with your preferences and I can update Trello accordingly.




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