Re: Test strategy for the next 3 weeks

denghui huang

Hi Venkat
    Thanks for your information, we will check and review FT cases from vtn coordinator, if it is necessary, we may reuse some of them, also may add some new ones if it is needed for system test. 


2014/1/10 Venkatrangan G - ERS, HCL Tech <venkatrangang@...>

Hi Denghui/Baohua,


    As in the below mail, we have some FT cases for VTN Coordinator using python-requests in the vtn/coordinator/test/vtn_ft directory. There is a mininet ping check also using pexepect module. This is the single controller scenario.


Please  let me know on any help needed.




Venkat G


From: Sarath Babu G
Sent: Thursday, January 09, 2014 10:33 PM
To: Luis Gomez; Hideyuki Tai; 'integration-dev@...'
Cc: Venkatrangan G - ERS, HCL Tech

Subject: RE: Test strategy for the next 3 weeks


Hi Luis,


Venkat from VTN team can work with the SIT team for developing tests for VTN Coordinator.

The team has already developed functional test cases for VTN Coordinator.

He has been part of the team that developed the functional test scripts.

The FT test scripts are available in git repo in the below location



He can work with Denghui and Baohua for developing IT tests for VTN Coordinator.


He is added to CC in this mail.




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Subject: Re: [integration-dev] Test strategy for the next 3 weeks


Hi Hideyuki,


Yes, VTN coordinator will be part of the release. The only thing will be that we will not have a system test in place for it by the time of the release (same will happen with other projects like LISP, BGP/PCEP, SNMP, etc..), but as you say this is not much a concern in your case since you have already done a lot of tests and I am very sure the quality is more than enough.


Also, the ultimate goal of the system test is not so to test the VTN or any other project in detail but more to make sure the projects can work together within a release edition. For that reason it is much more critical for us to have a system test for VTN Mgr than for the coordinator that does not have any dependency on ODL projects.





From: Hideyuki Tai [mailto:h-tai@...]
Sent: Wednesday, January 08, 2014 10:30 PM
To: Luis Gomez; 'integration-dev@...'
Subject: RE: Test strategy for the next 3 weeks


Hi Luis,


Thank you for your clarification.

I see the situation.

Whenever the Helpdesk has a slot, we’ll help the Helpdesk to install VTN Coordinator,

and help Integration contributors to test the Coordinator.



Even if Integration Group does not cover VTN Coordinator API tests before the release date,

VTN Coordinator will be in the Virtualization Edition of Hydrogen release.

Is my understanding right?


VTN Coordinator was originally developed as commercial product at NEC,

and we contributed it to this community.

And a lot of integration test scripts on the Coordinator with OpenDaylight Controller has been created in VTN Project activities.

Therefore we think the quality of VTN Coordinator is enough to release.



Hideyuki Tai


From: Luis Gomez [mailto:luis.gomez@...]
Sent: Thursday, January 09, 2014 1:07 PM
To: Tai, Hideyuki; 'integration-dev@...'
Subject: RE: Test strategy for the next 3 weeks


Hi Hideyuki,


You are right, Denghui and Baohua are both working on VTN Coordinator and I actually asked them to continue the tests but the problem here is of a different nature: I do not think we will have the time to install the required coordinator VM together with the logic to update this VM in the OpenDaylight environment before the release date, especially because this has to be mostly done by Linux Foundation Helpdesk and they are working on other priority issues now. Anyway we are working very closely with the Helpdesk and whenever they have a slot I will ask them to install the coordinator.






From: Hideyuki Tai [mailto:h-tai@...]
Sent: Wednesday, January 08, 2014 7:05 PM
To: Luis Gomez; 'integration-dev@...'
Subject: RE: Test strategy for the next 3 weeks


Hi Luis,


Denghui and Baohua are working on VTN Manager and VTN Coordinator.

Therefore, I think that the expected system test coverage of Virt VTN Edition is “VTN Mgr API (OF plugin) + VTN Coordinator API”.



Hideyuki Tai


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Subject: [integration-dev] Test strategy for the next 3 weeks


Dear Integration contributors,


As you probably have heard we are going to release OpenDaylight by the end of the month. This means we have just 3 weeks to finalize all testing activities that we consider high priority for the release. I say high priority because to be frank I do not think we can cover the 100% of the tasks we have programmed for Hydrogen release before the release date. Hopefully we can still work on the less priority matters after the release date and before the second release requires our full attention.


So two things I would like to cover in this mail: first which activities we should be more focus in the next 3 weeks and second what will be the expected system test coverage by the release date.


1) Let’s start with the high priority activities we should focus in the next 3 weeks:


- Anything related to basic Network Service Functions (Topology Mgr, Switch Mgr, FRM, etc…): current NSFs use OF and OVSDB plugin and they are mostly covered already, Arash is still working on Clustering test.


- New OF plugin: even if it is going to be released like an option (default is old plugin), I would expect many users enabling and using the new plugin so we have to test and help as much as we can on this area. I have already sent a mail with activities we are doing together with the OF plugin devs. We have one dedicated person (Madhusudhan) but please let me know if anyone else wants to contribute here.


-  Projects that can be tested with the existing test bed in OpenDaylight (basically OF and mininet dependent projects): These are for example VTN, OVSDB and Affinity. AFAIK, Denghui and Baohua are working on VTN, I will take care of the OVSDB and I hope to get someone for Affinity.


2) And the expected system test coverage by the release date:


- Base edition: NSF API (OF+OVSDB plugin)

- Base edition with new OF plugin: NSF API (OF+OVSDB plugin), OF plugin RESTCONF API (OF plugin)

- SP edition: NSF API (OF+OVSDB plugin), Affinity API (OF plugin)

- Virt VTN edition: VTN Mgr API (OF plugin)

- Virt OVSDB edition: Neutron API (OF+OVSDB plugin)


Please let me know if you agree with the priorities as well as the expected coverage as I would like to send this information to TSC group before the next TSC call tomorrow.





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