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Luis Gomez <luis.gomez@...>

Thanks Ryan, does this means we cannot do basic system test on oDMC (controller based) unless we have all the components below? If so I think in your case we should do E2E system test using one of the physical Labs like Ericsson or hopefully an IBM Lab.





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Anees is travelling today, so he can correct this when he becomes available.

OpenDove consists of

-the oDMC bundles in the controller that provides management plane connectivity to OpenDove vSwitches, the OpenDove Connectivity Service Cluster, and any OpenDove Gateways.  
-the OpenDove vSwitches that handle data plane operations
-the OpenDove Connectivity Service (oDCS) cluster, that handles control plane operations for the vSwitches
-the OpenDove Gateways (oDGW) that handle gateway functions from the overlay to external networks

The challenge is that other than the oDMC, none of the rest of the OpenDove components listed above are packaged as OSGi bundles - they are collections of software and patch sets that need to be compiled for a particular enviro...


Luis Gomez ---10/23/2013 02:09:38 PM---Hi Ryan and Anees, We are currently building a test bed for OpenDaylight system test, so I would nee

From: Luis Gomez <luis.gomez@...>
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Date: 10/23/2013 02:09 PM
Subject: OpenDove system test

Hi Ryan and Anees,
We are currently building a test bed for OpenDaylight system test, so I would need some information from OpenDove project. In your case I see you have your own NB API to integrate OpenDove vSwitches into SDN. Now my question is:
1) When do you think you will have your NB API finalized?
2) How can we get/install an OpenDove vSwitch to do system test?

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