Testing tools VMs

Andrew Grimberg

Greetings folks,

So last week there was a request for new VMs for doing black box

I understand we're talking about 5 systems. What I've seen is the

VM1: Test management tools
VM2: REST/GUI test generator
VM3: ODL controller
VM4: OF simulator
VM5: Netconf simulator

I've got a few questions about how these are suppposed to be used.

1) How are you expecting to deploy code to these systems?

2) What sort of interface to the systems is being requested?

3) How much space is expected to be needed on the systems as well as the
amount of RAM?

4) What is expected to be put on each of the systems. I can sort of
figure it out a little bit from the descriptions above, but having it
nailed down more will help. I'm assuming I'll need java on all of them
but outside of that I don't know what specifically will be needed.

5) What network ports am I going to need to open on the devices?


Andrew J Grimberg
Systems Administrator
The Linux Foundation

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