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From: Luis Gomez [mailto:luis.gomez@...]
Sent: Wednesday, October 23, 2013 9:55 PM
To: Gal Mainzer; David Goldberg
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Subject: LISP system test


Hi Gal and David,


We are currently building a test bed for OpenDaylight system test, so I would need some information from LISP project. In your case I see you have your own NB API to integrate LISP devices into SDN. Now my question is:


1)      When do you think you will have your NB API finalized?

[DG] We first need to finish the modeling with YANG tools, but we are experiencing a few problems, and guy sent a few emails to the community about those issues. We hope to finish it by next week, but if we continue to face these problems, it might take a little longer.

Alberto, when will you finish the NB interface?

2)      What kind of LISP device are you using in your development?

[DG] We are using LispMob which we installed on a vm, and we use it for tests.

3)      Can we get something similar to do system test? otherwise any recommendation for doing system test?

[DG] You can use the LispMob like we do, or you can do what we do in out integration tests. We wrote a serializer for map request and map register, and we use them to generate lisp traffic.





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