Re: Affinity system test

Suchi Raman <suchi.raman@...>

We have *an* API -- but it not the full API. I have some text descriptions of the affinity objects, but the right thing to do is put these in javadoc. I will get this before the end of this week. We also have some python scripts that show how to call the API (and in what order). 

On Wed, Oct 23, 2013 at 7:44 PM, Luis Gomez <luis.gomez@...> wrote:
Hi Suchi and other affinity people,

We are currently building the test bed for OpenDaylight system test, so we will need some information from Affinity project. In your case I see you have developed your own NB API that talks to controller NSFs however I do not see description for this REST interface in your wiki (probably because you are still working on it).

My questions then:

1) When do you think you will have your NB API finalized?
2) In the meantime can you publish or provide us the NB REST API information?


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