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Gupta, Kanika <kagupta@...>

Hi Madhusudan,


I have been looking into Netconf plugin since last couple of days and what I did is to put controller.currentconfig.xml in following location:




Sample configuration file is given here -


I updated name, port, username, address and password. I did found some exceptions – resolution is documented on another thread:


Hope that helps.





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Thanks Reinaldo. I actually took the latest controller from wget, created a file named "04-libnetconfd.xml" in opendaylight/configuration/initial

Then started the controller using of13 plugin, but I could not see any notification like this:


2014-02-12 04:42:10.043 PST [pool-23-thread-1] INFO  o.o.c.s.c.n.NetconfDevice#libnetconfd - Starting Netconf Client on: /


Am I doing something wrong?





On Monday, March 24, 2014 7:37 PM, Reinaldo Penno <rapenno@...> wrote:

If the file is correct, nothing else is needed and a netconf session will be established between ODL and netconf server (device)


On Mon, Mar 24, 2014 at 4:45 PM, Madhusudhan Kandadai <madhusudhan.opendaylight@...> wrote:



I am interested in performing testing on netconf plugin. I have netconf server and just want to configure ODL. I have gone through the below links on how to test netconf plugin: and


If I understand correctly:


1. Should I need to configure yumapro-13.04. If yes, I found the documentation at I am trying hard to install yumapro-13.04 and can you point me the right link for installing the same.

2. Once done with the above step, I *think* I can go to this step and follow the sequence in order.


Does anybody worked on testing netconf plugin, so I need to ask the sequence to get familiar in testing netconf plugin.


Thanks in advance!



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