Re: Would you please help to set a remote access in the Hackfest? RE: [OpenDaylight Discuss] Integration meeting MoM

Luis Gomez

Hi Guangpeng, we will try to set up remote access as well as record the session so that it can be seen later. Only issue with this activity is Andy avaliability, he could not really confirm me he will be available to perform the integration as he will be supporting some other stuff during the event.

On Tue, Mar 25, 2014 at 7:59 PM, Liguangpeng (Roc, IPTechnologyResearchDept&HW) <liguangpeng@...> wrote:

Hi Luis,


As you know, we have already built an open lab for Open Daylight Test at Huawei. And we want to join the discussion as you mentioned in the MoM:”Andy, Casper and Luis will start working on 3rd party Lab integration during the Hackfest in Napa”. Because we all work in China, I am afraid not be able to join locally. So, could you set a remote access for us when discussing this topic?  If possible, we will install or upgrade necessary software for integrating with ODL.






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