Testing BGP in controller with exabgp

Moiz Raja (moraja) <moraja@...>

Hi Brian and Lakshman,

Here are my notes on how to setup controller and exabgp for testing. Please try it out and let me know if you run into any issues.




1. You are using the open daylight test VM (https://wiki.opendaylight.org/view/CrossProject:Integration_Group:Test_VMs)
2. The open daylight test VM has python version 2.74
3. The IP address of the open daylight test VM is
4.The IP address of the machine running the opendaylight controller is

Setup a test with exabgp

(1) Install exabgp on the opendaylight test VM. This is not required but it is pretty convenient.

> wget https://github.com/Exa-Networks/exabgp/archive/3.3.2.tar.gz
> tar zxvf 3.3.2.tar.gz
> cd exabgp-3.3.2
> python setup.py install

(2) Download the latest service provider distribution from here

(4) Copy the attached single-neighbour.txt to the mininet machine

(5) Copy the attached 41-bgp-example.xml.txt to <opendaylight directory>/configuration/initial/41-bgp-example.xml

(6) Run exabgp like so,

     env exabgp.tcp.bind= exabgp.tcp.port=179 exabgp single-neighbor.txt

(7) Run controller like so,


(8) Wait for a minute or two.

(9) Now using rest conf you should be able to the see the bgp topology show up.

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