Re: [OpenDaylight Discuss] Exabgp in the lab

Andrew Grimberg

On Mon, 2014-03-31 at 10:31 -0700, Moiz Raja wrote:

During the napa Hackfest we had a discussion about doing some
integration testing of the bgp plugin. To enable this testing we need
to introduce a bgp speaker. Exabgp seems to fit the bill and a couple
of us were able to get it working with the OpenDaylight controller.

The latest version of Exabgp has a dependency on python 2.7 and I have
tested it myself with python 2.74 which is the same version that is
currently on the downloadable open daylight test VM. My understanding
is that our lab infrastructure uses python 2.6. I was wondering if we
could upgrade the lab infrastructure to python 2.74. An alternative to
switching to python 2.74 for everything would be to use something like
virtualenv which is a python version manager that let’s us switch to a
specific version of python for any given python program.
Upgrading the testlab itself to be python 2.7 isn't going to happen as
2.6 is the system level python on EL6 systems (which the lab runs on).
That being said, I _can_ install python 2.7 but anything using it _must_
be inside a virtualenv as the only system level packages I have for
python 2.7 are python, python-devel and virtualenv.

Please let me know what it would take to get this done.
Andrew J Grimberg
Systems Administrator
The Linux Foundation

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