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Luis Gomez <luis.gomez@...>

OK David, we will try the LispMob to see how it works. For the NB interface what we need now is some sort of documentation on how it works so we can write some test plan for it.




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To: Gal Mainzer; David Goldberg
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Subject: LISP system test


Hi Gal and David,


We are currently building a test bed for OpenDaylight system test, so I would need some information from LISP project. In your case I see you have your own NB API to integrate LISP devices into SDN. Now my question is:


1)      When do you think you will have your NB API finalized?

[DG] We first need to finish the modeling with YANG tools, but we are experiencing a few problems, and guy sent a few emails to the community about those issues. We hope to finish it by next week, but if we continue to face these problems, it might take a little longer.

Alberto, when will you finish the NB interface?

2)      What kind of LISP device are you using in your development?

[DG] We are using LispMob which we installed on a vm, and we use it for tests.

3)      Can we get something similar to do system test? otherwise any recommendation for doing system test?

[DG] You can use the LispMob like we do, or you can do what we do in out integration tests. We wrote a serializer for map request and map register, and we use them to generate lisp traffic.





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