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Hi Guangpeng,


See my answers inline (I cc Integration team who might be interested as well):


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Hi Luis,


I have read over the Test Tools’s page at . Then I have some questions:

1/ Whether are the 8 IPs of 4 VMs in the same subnet? What is the physical deployment( or maybe called topology)

I just added topology picture + /28 in the wiki to show they are not in the same subnet.


2/In walkthrough part, I see the Test Tools VM is just used as a client. If is the another purpose of this VM to evaluate test tools? (have not used for this purpose yet?)

The Test tool VM is very empty now, it only hosts a REST Client that can be used to manually put queries on NB interfaces. The idea is that the test tool people add whatever is necessary here for automation.


3/ Can you share the settings of SSH server? I want to try setting up a Lab in Huawei, I think this is very important. If you can give the figure of hardware deployment(may be not real, suggestion is also good), that will be good.

SSH server is a regular Linux server, if you do not plan to open it to Internet you are just fine. On the other hand if you are interested in making it accessible through Internet you need to harden it. There is plenty of information in www on how to do it, I believe we used this link:


4/ Can you send me the download link of your VM images?

For the images, I use KVM raw format, is this OK or you want me to convert to any other format?

Once you get access to the SSH server you can SSH (our KVM machine), use odluser/odluser1, the images will be under /home/odluser/images. You can either upload the images from there to your server or use SSH forwarding to connect from your SFTP client all the way to the KVM machine.



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