Re: Cluster Test at Ericsson Lab

Luis Gomez

Congratulations Madhu and also Arash who originally created the test cases, finally we have basic HA/Cluster ready for uploading.

Only one thing: before we upload the code we need Andy to deploy a second controller VM. If I remember correctly we had 5 VMs for test and we are only using 4.

Andy, just let us know when this is ready (no rush) so that we can upload and test these TCs at LF.


On Apr 16, 2014, at 1:13 PM, Madhusudhan Kandadai <madhusudhan.opendaylight@...> wrote:

Hi Luis,

After downloading the latest controller, I am able to do Cluster test using robotframework at Ericsson lab.

Have tested the following scenarios:

1. Given C1 a cluster of two controllers C1, C2
2. Given C2 a cluster of two controllers C1, C2
3. Add a flow in C1 and verify the flow stats in both the controller C1 & C2
4. Bring C1 down and verify the flow stats in C2
5. Bring C1 back to the normal and check the flow in C1

Could you please review the testcases in robotframework, so that this can be pushed into our integration repo.


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