Patches going to stable release

Luis Gomez


I have identified the following patches in the Integration repo after Hydrogen release. I kind of assume all of them apply to stable release but let me know in case you see any it should not.


99d12da1f93454f11491aee004a79c3c3c9958bbSam HagueSun Feb 9 23:39:59 2014 -0500Add snmp4sdn, affinity, yangtools and bgpcep to
214e9138d65a011aef47a7f871e63299059b7245Sam HagueMon Feb 10 15:20:49 2014 -0500Add release tagged support to buildrpm.
5c0d4e90e1084e521367982f1c8fd2aed2e37b39Sam HagueMon Feb 10 15:20:49 2014 -0500Update POM files after release - fixing topology version
f2e9c39c2582fbb588fdf711992b41970214b746Sam HagueWed Feb 12 22:09:57 2014 -0500Add pom versioning to rpm builds.
f5c703825df52a0b27e9a5e520ffd1cc7ef76456Sam HagueThu Feb 13 16:32:12 2014 -0500Set default edition for rpm installs to be the Base edition.
375f0cd1e7f5e54b4066e990457ed7a344ff207fSuchi RamanThu Feb 13 21:58:16 2014 -0500Add affinity configuration to start scrpt.
7ea54df1ad6c7ae0c0f620dd0e932677d2c3dcceLuis GomezSun Feb 16 23:03:52 2014 -0800Fix ping issue at LF
d6a34c519262821a798ca623cabe345e6c50947cVenkatSun Feb 16 10:00:47 2014 -0800Added Integration Tests for VTN Coordinator
0cc4dfa0305267109bd54b020e581da6b5a8b8feMadhusudhanTue Feb 18 15:02:24 2014 -0800 Have modified the testcases for RESTCONF inventory and uncommented the failed
4aade00ab15a642cfaa5e8c370d16893d2606cf9Hideyuki TaiThu Feb 20 21:42:52 2014 -0500Updated the bundle filter list in virt edition.
5066c7ffd9dc682ebcbf1cd38c7e573f93dd2309Arash EghtesadiThu Feb 20 11:06:36 2014 -0500 Added test cases for topology of the clustering manager and forwarding rule
053087de029ed1a3b636c8b74df1b3f04f437042SenthilMon Mar 31 18:23:16 2014 -0700Modify VTN Coordinator tests to work with the latest changes in Coordinator
e4ecb6d69d0d7b6b7566fa184386866fb05ae3e1Robert VargaFri Apr 11 17:20:51 2014 +0200Do not bundle META-INF in configuration
78562953cbd404d48b14bd29e03d788dd29d0200Michal RehakWed Apr 16 13:39:25 2014 +0200fix for BUG 760 (provided configs)

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