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Hi Chris,  

>>It's recommended you use a different vm for cbench and the controller
.. as long as it is ensured that network latency / bandwidth constraints do not skew the measurements

While running controller and cbench on the same bare-metal multi-core machine via loopback (not different VMs), CPU-pinning can help minimizing stomping and eliminate possible measurement-skews due to network
- and
- Section 6 ref of

Agreed,  this is not real-deployment scenario. But this gives a good baseline to compare when deployed over network. If performance degrades between loopback and network environment, first target of suspicion and
troubleshooting would be none other than network itself  


Muthukumaran (Muthu)
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It's recommended you use a different vm for cbench and the controller.
This is because both will put heavy load on the CPU.

On 19 Apr 2014, at 10:13 pm, "huangxufu" <
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Hello Vaishali,

Thanks for your suggestion, I will try using OpenFlowPlugin distribution to test performance again.

Because i run ODL controller and cbench at the same VM. so I use cbench with following commend:
$ cbench -t -s 10
others are all default.

best wishes!
在 2014年4月20日,上午1:53,Vaishali Mithbaokar (vmithbao) <vmithbao@...> 写道:

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As per attached email , Chris recently put together nightly performance test against OpenFlowPlugin distribution  (not the base controller directly). It doesn't have the issue where test results are 0 after some time.

It may be good idea if you can share the cbench configuration you are using?
BTW in the above set up Chris has controller and clench running in separate VM though.


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Greg Hall <
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Re: [controller-dev] opendaylight controller performance test problem

Hello Greg :-)
I build controller with master branch about 3 days ago, I didn’t run test on the Hydrogen release and i build recently at maybe at Base. because i use git clone ssh://<username> so i think it is Base :-)
So is it a bug? Because after running several cbench tests, the result is all 0.. or i had the wrong configuration ? How can I configure to get better performance ?
By the way, did you have similar performance test? What was the result? Sorry for flooding question :-)  

best wishes!

在 2014年4月19日,下午10:44,Greg Hall <ghall@...> 写道:

Hello Perf tester :-)

What build/date was your controller?
Hydrogen release or a recent build?
Base or SP? A lot of issues fixed since Hydrogen.

Memory exhaustion is a prime suspect for your apparent hang.

If it’s a recent build then the Max memory setting -Xmx is 1GB as of a recent change.  You’ll see a clear message in the console
stating this at startup.


On Apr 19, 2014, at 6:40 AM, huangxufu <
huangxufu@...> wrote:

Hello all:
This is my first time for asking for help from opendaylight controller dev group.
Recently i am doing some research work about opendaylight controller performance. I want to test about the controller’s  packet_in throughput and the latency. I used a VM with 8 CPUs and 8 Gb memory to do this experiment. At the beginning, I  tested the throughput with clench tool, but  the result was poor about 20K~30K responses per second. Did someone have similar test about opendaylight performance with clench ? And how about the result ?
Another issue is that after using clench to test performance for several times, the clench result is always 0 and the osgi console response become very slow even can’t response. So what is wrong with the opendaylight? Is this a bug or due to my wrong configuration( in fact i didn’tconfigure anything, i just run the file to start the controller) ?
Thank you for anyone who can give me some suggestion or explanation about these two problems.

Best wishes to all :)

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