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Hi Zach, thanks very much for your quick answer.


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The Static Route feature is used to resolve the MAC address of a next-hop gateway on an adjacent, non-OpenFlow switch.  It essentially resolves and tracks a next-hop gateway MAC address for use in future flow programming.  The feature itself doesn’t program anything on a switch.


SPAN = Switched Port Analyzer; a term used for a port interface that connects to a promiscuous analysis device (packet capture, DLP, etc.).  In the context of ODL, this allows you to define a port as a SPAN port (i.e. connected to an analysis device), which can be used later for replicating flow traffic.  Again here, configuring the feature in-an-of itself doesn’t program anything on a switch.






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Hi controller experts,


After checking current GUI/NB API, I have got couple of questions:


-          Static route: What exactly is happening when I add a static route pointing to a known host in Host Tracker? I was expecting some flows were recreated to reach destination but this does not look the case…

-          SPAN port: what is a SPAN port?


Thanks in advance



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