Container Mgr question

Luis Gomez <luis.gomez@...>

Hi controller experts,


I am configuring containers in OpenDaylight controller, and observed the following:


1) Containers using different ports is no problem (no flowspec needed)

2) If containers share one or more host ports, I need flowspecs (different on both containers) to separate traffic

3) If containers share only network ports, it is enough if they have different staticVlan


Then my questions:


- In scenario 2) if a host uses VLAN tags for different traffics or a regular switch trunk port is connected to host port, how can I put each VLAN on a different container? the existing implementation does not seem to deal with this situation.


- In scenario 3) how is the “staticVlan” setting used to separate traffic in the network ports? I have created flows in the containers but I do not see any vlan being automatically applied or enforced on the network ports.



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