releng tox docs-linkcheck job broken


Hi all


For your information,  releng tox docs-linkcheck job is failing on our gate since yesterday.

If I  understand the logs below correctly,  there is an internal warning raised by the new Sphynx version and

with the current configuration, it is treated by releng as an error…

RemovedInSphinx40Warning: The app.add_javascript() is deprecated. Please use app.add_js_file() instead.

18:01:43 app.add_javascript(path)

18:01:43 18:01:43 Warning, treated as error:

18:01:43 Not copying tabs assets! Not compatible with linkcheck builder

18:01:43 ERROR: InvocationError for command /w/workspace/transportpce-tox-verify-aluminium/.tox/docs-linkcheck/bin/sphinx-build -W -b linkcheck -d /w/workspace/transportpce-tox-verify-aluminium/.tox/docs-linkcheck/tmp/doctrees ../docs/ /w/workspace/transportpce-tox-verify-aluminium/docs/_build/linkcheck (exited with code 2)

18:01:43 ___________________________________ summary ____________________________________

18:01:43 py3: commands succeeded

18:01:43 docs: commands succeeded

18:01:43 ERROR: docs-linkcheck: commands failed




To restore our gate, I have no other workaround from the moment than to force this job to success. Cf change 91042.


Best Regards





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