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Yes I agree, we have currently 3 projects with external apps: VTN, OpenDove and Defense4all (cc-ing them as well). It would be good to come up with a common or similar way of packaging these apps.


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VTN Coordinator is a part of the Virtualization Edition. It, like Defense4All, is an app that runs outside the controller.
We should figure out how we want to package them.
Here's one suggestion... we could put then in the zip file in opendaylight/externalapps/ as zip files themselves.
We also need to figure out how to bring along OpenDove's external bits...

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Hi Hideyuki,

My understanding (Ed, correct me if I am wrong) is that, so far and for integration purposes, we are only packaging what is in the controller instance and NOT what is in the overall edition. For this last I heard a similar question very recently in the TSC call on how we are going to package the overall editions (not just the controller node), so your question is very valid and should get an answer very soon.


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Hi all,

The release deliverable of VTN Project consists of VTN Manager and VTN Coordinator.
Both of them will be included in the Virtualization Edition for Hydrogen.
=> See page 21 of OpenDaylight Introduction slide:

The current artifacts for the Virtualization Edition, however, have not
included VTN Coordinator yet.

Could you add VTN Coordinator to a zip file for the Virtualization Edition?

I could find artifacts for the Virtualization Edition in the Nexus repository.
-> distributions-virtualization-0.1.0-20131025.213257-10-osgipackage.zip
They, however, do not include VTN Coordinator.

The groupdId and artifactId of VTN Coordinator are as follows.


VTN Coordinator is an application of OpenDaylight Controllers.
It runs outside controllers, and orchestrates multiple Controllers
to provide multi-tenant virtual networks.

We will prepare an installation procedure and prerequisites for VTN Coordinator.

Hideyuki Tai

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