[it-infrastructure-alerts][notice] ODL Jenkins maintenance window - 1600-1800 PST, Mar 01, 2020.

Anil Belur

What: LF will perform maintenance on ODL Jenkins servers to upgrade the plugins to the latest.

When: 1600-1800 PST, Sunday, Mar 01, 2020

Why: The latest OpenStack API requires OpenStack-clouds plugin updated and also many other plugins outdated and require to be updated. 
Impact: All ODL Jenkins (sandbox/releng) may be inaccessible during this time and
Jenkins will be put in shutdown mode before the window starts and any long-running Jenkins jobs _will_ be canceled if they don't complete before the start of the window.

Notices will be posted to the mailing lists and in #opendaylight on Freenode at the start and end of the maintenance.

Anil Belur