Jenkins setup news

Luis Gomez <luis.gomez@...>

Hi all,


I am waiting the review and OK from Andy, but so far we have CSIT job running after:


- controller-integration job (whenever there are changes on controller project)

- distribution verify and merge jobs (whenever there are changes on /distribution folder)

- test verify and merge jobs (whenever there are changes on /test folder)


I will properly document all these jobs in our wiki before we officially release our CSIT but I would like to advance couple of things:


- Every time we run CSIT, mininet is started with topology= tree,2

- So far the way we run the test suite is: “pybot -v CONTROLLER: ${WORKSPACE}/test/csit/cases/base”


So please observe the following:


- All TCs, if you are writing any, should contain the variable ${CONTROLLER} replacing the controller IP (for example in REST requests)

- It is not clear yet how we are going to control mininet from Robot so please do not add any mininet action in the TCs. Just consider mininet is always “on” with topology= tree,2

- Please do not push code to /test/csit/cases/base until we officially release the CSIT. This is to make sure all the code works properly with CSIT.

- So far we are only testing the base edition, so please do not push code for virtualization or service provider editions (/test/csit/cases/virtualization or /test/csit/cases/service_provider) until we add the corresponding jobs in Jenkins.