JVM monitoring

Luis Gomez

While we investigate how to fix current issues including migrating to latest decanter version 2.X, we have following alternatives to keep on using the framework:

- Use original decanter 1.0.X: this works well in neon and sodium but not in master so we have to skip magnesium and any future release.
- Use updated decanter 1.X: this works in all branches but cluster start is impacted so we have to skip all cluster tests.

Let me know what is your preference .


On Dec 10, 2019, at 3:44 PM, Luis Gomez <ecelgp@...> wrote:

No agenda item but FYI it is very possible we will have to disable JVM monitoring by default in all jobs. Reason being is new decanter version we are using to fix issues in master is not stable in the cluster jobs (member delayed startup, sometimes the boot process is not completed, etc). I am investigating some workarounds but so far no luck :(