Meeting with OF plugin

Luis Gomez <luis.gomez@...>

Hi team,


This afternoon we had a call with Jan from OF plugin and we discussed about a couple of things we can help here:


1) The OF plugin people are using a python script (running on a mininet VM) that pushes flows through the RESTCONF API and verifies the flow format in the OVS switch (using ovs commands). This script is very good but also quite sophisticated to be easily ported to Robot framework. That’s why my first idea is to implement this test as “it is” in a separated VM controlled by a job that could be in the OF plugin Jenkins instead of our Jenkins, this way the test can run every time a developer commits code into the OF plugin repo. Similar idea we heard before from OVSDB plugin devs so I am going to think about it and send a proposal to Andy no later than tomorrow.


2) The test above can be seen as an OF plugin Integration Test but we still need to verify the OF plugin operation at system test (release edition) level. For that purpose we are interested in developing a few test cases (Robot based) around the new OF plugin that should include (at least): 1) RESTCONF basic operation like create, read, update, delete (CRUD) a flow, 2) Check existing AD-SAL NSF with new plugin, 3) Check ODL apps like VTN, Affinity or OVSDB with new plugin (once we get them verified with old OF1.0 plugin). I have asked Madhu (from Integration team) to start looking at this but let me know if any of you want to help here as well.