Re: odlguice 1.0.0 released #odlguice #aluminium

Robert Varga

On 28/09/2020 13:31, Venkatrangan Govindarajan wrote:
odlguice 1.0.0 released.

- This is the first release of the project intended to serve
  as an dependency injection framework for ODL apps

- List of tickets addressed in this release
Hello Venkat,

it seems the version/filter setup is not correct. The Confluence page
lists even issues which are not resolved -- ODLGUICE-3 and ODLGUICE-4.
At least ODLGUICE-4 cannot, by definition, be resolved in Aluminium and
its SRs.

Furthermore there are no versions defined here:,
which is probably the root cause for this inconsistency.


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