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Thank you very much for your project proposal, my comments are inline below.
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Proposal for Virtual Tenant Network (VTN) project has been uploaded on the following wiki page.

We are planning to contribute the source code of VTN.
Please elaborate on the following points so that we can make the arrangements for registering the same.

* Specific steps for registering the source code
  Major portion of VTN source code has been written in C/C++, and some portions are written in Java.

I don't think that C/C++ should present any problem.

calls for a minimum two week public comment period for project proposals (presuming you are seeking
to enter as an incubation project, rather than a bootstrap project).  Once that period has passed a
creation review will be held, and presuming the TSC approves (which I would expect) development
resources (like git repos, etc) will be provided.  

Because contributions of existing code need to go through IPR review prior to the creation review,
I would expect you would need to provide the code to the OpenDaylight staff for that process to conclude prior
to your creation review.  You should email Phil Robb <probb@...> to arrange for those mechanics 
sooner rather than later.

* Package name used in Java
  Currently, package name that we are using starts with
  Could we use, e.g., org.opendaylight.vtn, to change this to a vender neutral name?

Yes, org.opendaylight.vtn sounds very reasonable as a vendor neutral package name.

It is generally a good practice for packages to be named org.opendaylight.<repo name>, and I would expect
your git repo to be named vtn given the project name :)

* Deep dive
  We would like to have deep dive session during the Hack fest on May 21 if it's appropriate.

I believe that the hackfest is being moved out towards June 6-7… it would be awesome to do a deep dive
then :)


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