Re: New project proposal for OpenDaylight: Boron Offset 2 titled "Centennial"

Colin Dixon

I agree with Anil, it's too late to join the Boron release and I agree, we won't add new projects to the stability releases of older releases.

That being said, here's a few things:
1.) When you have a project proposal it's to be part of the OpenDaylight Foundation's collection of projects, not join a particular release.
2.) Nothing is stopping you from releasing code (and even creating branches) that is designed to work with Beryllium and Boron, just they won't be part of the zip file on the downloads page.


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Dear Anil, Colin,

If it is not possible to contribute new project code artifacts into Boron Release, then would the only option left for us is to make this project proposal and code contribution in the Carbon Release of ODL?


Please suggest so that we can start planning accordingly.





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Subject: Re: [Project-proposals] New project proposal for OpenDaylight: Boron Offset 2 titled "Centennial"


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Hi Vishwanath,


As per my understanding new projects are not allowed to back port their code in stable/releases. Stable/release are mainly for the bug fixing only. There was case where new project did this, but the new project was split from an existing project and it's code was part of the already release version. They did it to avoid maintenance overhead for the new project.


So as per my understanding of the project life cycle it's not allowed to new project to be part of previous releases, but i would defer it to Colin/other tsc members to give you a concrete answer on it.  


Colin, thoughts?





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Dear Anil & Team,

I am coming back to check on this thread since, Boron release is around the corner next month and if there is a possibility for us to propose our Microwave Project and its code artifacts which were delivered as part of ONF Wireless Transport PoC-2 (and would continue its development in PoC-3). We will do a gap analysis of what already exists in Boron and make a proposal to integrate only those software bundles/components which do not already exist and are unique to the ONF Wireless Transport PoC-2. Our idea is to get the delta code into the formal ODL distro.


We had earlier backed out from this proposal since, we had made this proposition at M4 stage had not much time left to get our code in. We wanted to attempt this integration after the Formal Release of Boron in Sept. 2016 and attempt to get our code artifacts in one of the service releases of Boron.


Could you please revert if we can make project propositions and still be able to get our code artifacts into the Service Releases of Boron. If so, can you please elaborate on the process and suggest us some timelines for the same.



Vishwanath Edavayyanamath
Telecom Cloud Practice Head, Communications SBU

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Subject: Re: [Project-proposals] New project proposal for OpenDaylight: Boron Offset 2 titled "Centennial"


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Hi Vishwanath,


Thanks for letting us know. 


Just want to clarify that approval of the project does not really mean that it will be part of the current official release. For the project those are proposed late in the cycle, TSC has to take two decision (1) Accepting the project in ODL (2) If requested, allowing project to join the current release given that it's proposed after M1. So you can always propose a project but defer from joining the current release.





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