Re: New project proposal for OpenDaylight: Boron Offset 2 titled "Centennial"

Colin Dixon

Sorry for the delay. See inline.

Let me know if you need any more clarification.


On Fri, Aug 5, 2016 at 11:45 AM, <vishwanath.edavayyanamath@...> wrote:

Dear Colin,

Based on your two points below, I have following questions,

1.       Are you saying a project can be proposed any time and once approved by TSC, can be integrated into any specific stable ODL release of our choice? But what rules and process apply to accept the code for these projects proposed outside of a formal release? Do these projects have to follow the same rigorous processes that is being followed in the projects that are part of a formal releases like Boron/Carbon?

No. A project can be proposed any time, but to join a given release it must either (a) declare it's intent to join the release by M1 or (b) get a waiver to join later. In general, we only push (b) to M3. So, that would mean carbon would be the next eligible release.

2.       We don’t necessarily want our code artifacts to be part of the zip file on the downloads page, but just make it available to the respective vendor and Telco community (Wireless Transport) by way of building an ODL distro with specific project packages for the target requirement will suffice.

To have your code artifacts be listed as "additional downloads" or be part of the zip file for an official release, you mus be part of the release and go through all the rigorous process. If you want to release things on your own and advertise them as being compatible with given releases (even ones where the project didn't participate formally), I think that would be fine. They just won't be listed on the downloads page here:

Note, there is no requirement for a project in OpenDaylight to ever participate in a formal release, but most do. Examples of things that don't are: spectrometer, integration/test.

All we want to know is, if TSC imposes the same rigorous release processes that is followed, if we propose projects which are not part of the formal release? We want to contribute/integrate quickly into a stable Release (like Boron) and check everything works fine and then think later for contributing the project to a formal release like Carbon if it makes sense to be part of the zip file on the downloads page.




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