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HI Alexis,


This project is mainly about UI, but I think, we can make APIs consumable to everybody, why not?






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This is reminding me what we have started in controller project with this patch: adding CLI to gather info/stats about data broker and cluster, reading beans.

Wondering if this project is mostly about a DLUX app, or you intend to create APIs that will be consumable by the world. Also, wondering whether controller/md-sal projects should provide such APIs, or if those APIs should be provided in a separated project.


Anyway, the UI is appealing.


Thanks for putting this up Daniel, can’t wait for the TSC review, where we will certainly discuss some of the wonders I’m having :)



On Oct 26, 2016, at 3:11 PM, Daniel Malachovsky -X (dmalacho - PANTHEON TECHNOLOGIES at Cisco) <dmalacho@...> wrote:




We would like to submit proposal for new project called Cluster Metrics.



If we don’t need whole two weeks for public comments, we can discuss this proposal on TSC meeting next Thursday, 3rd November. Otherwise, feel free to change the date.


We are planning this project to be Offset 2.


Thank You


Daniel Malachovsky


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