Re: Creation Review Request for FPC Agent Project proposal

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We can be on the call – no problem.




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Subject: Re: [Project-proposals] Creation Review Request for FPC Agent Project proposal


I've let this drop so far and I apologize for that. The next step is to schedule a creation review during a TSC call. There's a two-week public comment period that you've already been through, so this could be scheduled as early as next week.

The TSC calls are normally at 10a pacific on Thursdays. More information is here:

Would you be ready to present and answer questions or 10-20 minutes on Thursday, February 2nd sometime between 10a and 11a pacific? If a later week works better, let us know too.





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I’ll send you a tarball (if it fits in my mail system ;) ) – we are running the code through CheckMarx tool hopefully today and hopefully won’t have updates for a few weeks.


On a side note, all code is copyright 2016 as we have made no changes in 2017 but I am sure that will change shortly.


Is it ODL policy to blanket upgrade copyright (all files) to the same notice? If so, we can make the copyright change now.




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Subject: Re: [Project-proposals] Creation Review Request for FPC Agent Project proposal


Hi Lyle, that's great to hear.


Note that the proposal needs to be in existence for 2 weeks to allow public review before you request a Creation Review with the TSC.


To avoid any additional delay, you can send me a tarball of the code you expect to contribute prior to the creation review.  I'll scan & review it for license information to ensure it adheres to our Inbound Code Policy [0].







On Mon, Jan 9, 2017 at 2:52 PM, Bertz, Lyle T [CTO] <Lyle.T.Bertz@...> wrote:



We would like to propose a new plugin implementing the IETF FPC Agent described in the following link:


We are in the final reviews of the initial code contribution and hope to upload them later this week.


Thank you.




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