BIER_APP project requests for creation review


Hi An Ho,

BIER_APP project requests for creation review and plans to participate in Nitrogen release.

Project proposal have been provided as follows and I have added the wiki link in the New Pending Creation Review list.

Please reply to me about the review meeitng shedule and what I should prepare.

Best Regards,



熊泉 xiongquan

软件工程师 Software Engineer
预研标准部/有线研究院/有线产品经营部 Standard Preresearch Dept./Wireline Product R&D Institute/Wireline Product Operation

2/F, R&D Building, ZTE Corporation, Huashi Park Road 6th,
Hi-tech Donghu District, Wuhan, P.R.China, 430022
T: +86 27 13871144372
E: xiong.quan@...

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