Re: BIER_APP project requests for creation review

Colin Dixon

Thanks for the request. Two quick questions:

1.) Do you actually want to participate in Nitrogen, it will be a very fast release with API freeze (including support for Karaf 4) being 7/14 at the latest and code freeze being 8/14 at the latest? Alternately, you could wait and participate in Oxygen which is targeting at 3/7/2018 release.

2.) Does this actually need to be a a new project or does it make sense to have it as a part of the bier project. In general, I applaud the idea that the pure plugin and the applications that use that plugin should be kept separate, but we've found that often this results in tightly-linked changes between the two and it's easier (at least at first) to keep them separate. That being said, if you feel strongly about having two projects, we can have a creation review.


On Tue, Jun 6, 2017 at 10:19 PM, <xiong.quan@...> wrote:

Hi An Ho,

BIER_APP project requests for creation review and plans to participate in Nitrogen release.

Project proposal have been provided as follows and I have added the wiki link in the New Pending Creation Review list.

Please reply to me about the review meeitng shedule and what I should prepare.

Best Regards,



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