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Yes, I think the time is very suitable for me. Thanks.

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Understood. The next regularly scheduled TSC meeting after the two-week public review period is 6/22, which is actually the Asia-friendly TSC call time too, which is probably good. Does that time work for you? It would be this:

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Thank you for your reply, we have discussed the release schedule of this project, considering the deadline of  Nitrogen release,

 we decide to participate in the Oxygen release, but we want the project to be formally approved by the TSC as soon as possible. 

日 期 :2017年06月08日 22:18
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Thank you for the proposal. Is the intent for this to participate in the (short) Nitrogen release ending on 9/7/2017. See:
If so, this is going to be a pretty whirlwind tour of getting a release done. API freeze including support for Karaf 4 will be no later than 7/14 and code freeze will be no later than 8/14.

The alternative is to participate in the Oxygen release, which will target a 3/7/2018 release.


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Hi, everyone,

    I creat a new project proposal which is about P4 technology. Please review it. Thanks.

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