Re: A new project proposal vpp

Edward Warnicke

With my TSC chair hat on, I would like to formally request that this project *not* be named 'vpp' due to potential for confusion with the vpp project.


>On 16/06/17 03:56, Yang, Yi Y wrote:
>> Hi, TSC members
>> I’d like to propose a new project vpp
>> avoid duplicate efforts for GBP, NetVirt and SFC vpp integration as well
>> as  fix multiple applications coexistence for VPP, I send this out per
>> in order that we can incubate it as a formal project in Nitrogen release
>> cycle or Oxygen, please schedule review process in next TSC meeting,
>> thank you in advance.
> I would suggest a different name, as it can end up being very confusing
> to talk about components when multiple projects have the same name...
> Regards,
> Robert

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