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For vpp renderer, it needs to render bridge domain information (neutron network, including VNI) and interfaces to bridge domain, vxlan, vxlan-gpe, vhostuser etc in vpp node, you know information model on ODL side is different from information model on VPP node side, especially for sfc, vpp renderer will also render RSP to bridge domain, vxlan-gpe, NSH entry and NSH map in every vpp node RSP spans. sfc vpp renderer is much more complicated than NetVirt needs, so we can use the existing code in sfc vpp renderer to achieve a vpp renderer NetVirt needs very easily.


For vpp classifier, it needs to renderer IETF ACLs and sfc classifier model to vpp classify tables, vpp classifier in sfc also handles vxlan-gpe in ingress classifier and the first SFF.


Both vpp renderer and vpp classifier can use some common utils, VPP common APIs means those common utils.


Ed, you’re a technical guy, those sfc source code I pointed out in last email can tell you what they’re doing.


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      OK, so the VPP Node Manager is just a set of convenience methods to handle netconf register, connect, and mount in a single go then?


This still leaves my questions:

2)  Which models will the vpp renderer be rendering *from* and *to*?

3)  What does the VPP classifier do?

4)  What kinds of things do we expect in the VPP common APIs?






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Ed, vpp node needs to be registered first, once it is registered, we need to connect it by netconf connector, then we need to get mount point, that is the cornerstone we can operate vpp node by NETCONF.


Please refer to sfc source code, that is more pervasive than written statements.






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An observation:


We don't need a new protocol plugin for vpp.  Via the Honeycomb agent at, vpp is accessible via netconf, and so we get direct yang models via netconf.  So its not like Openflowplugin or OVS plugin.


And some questions:

1)  What will the VPP Node Manager be doing that the netconf plugin doesn't do in terms of managing the vpp nodes?  Why wouldn't it make more sense to close any gaps in the netconf plugin?

2)  Which models will the vpp renderer be rendering *from* and *to*?

3)  What does the VPP classifier do?

4)  What kinds of things do we expect in the VPP common APIs?




On Fri, Jun 16, 2017 at 10:34 AM, Ed Warnicke <hagbard@...> wrote:

With my TSC chair hat on, I would like to formally request that this project *not* be named 'vpp' due to potential for confusion with the vpp project.




>On 16/06/17 03:56, Yang, Yi Y wrote:

>> Hi, TSC members




>> I’d like to propose a new project vpp

>> avoid duplicate efforts for GBP, NetVirt and SFC vpp integration as well

>> as  fix multiple applications coexistence for VPP, I send this out per

>> in order that we can incubate it as a formal project in Nitrogen release

>> cycle or Oxygen, please schedule review process in next TSC meeting,

>> thank you in advance.

> I would suggest a different name, as it can end up being very confusing

> to talk about components when multiple projects have the same name...

> Regards,

> Robert




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