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Kaiyuan Duan

Hi, Warnicke

Thanks for your reply, I will first share our ideas and the details about the two proposals here:

1, Hardware TTP

Our team have defined a standard TTP(Typed Table Pattern) pipeline ,which is adaptive for Neutron at the Northbound, for the hardware switch. We use OpenFlow on hardware switches to manage the communication for Layer 2&Layer 3, including the communication between physical servers, physical server and VM, server and vRouters. It can also support the security group policy management, QoS and some other basic function.

I know there is already a project related to TTP in the community, but it has not updated and code contribution for a long time and its orientation is also unclear, so we hope to lead a new project. It is ok if you prefer a project integration, but we need to solve the collision before that.

2, GNT(General network topology)

The goal of the project is to provide a unified topological layer, which can monitor different kinds of devices(ovsdb, hardwareVTEP, netconf) and computing resources(physical or virtual machine). This layer will shield the difference of the southbound protocals, make other business modules easily get the overall topo without adaption for different protocals.

Besides the function to extend logical topo through the code itself, we have defined the yang model to provide the possibilty that let business modules for other southbound protocals get data from or write data to the yang model tree.

In addition, this project refers to Neutron of the northbound configuration to analyze the distribution of different kinds of network resources.

The existing topology module is focus on the OpenFlow protocal and no design for the shield of other protocal resources.

Thus, we hope the our project, GNT, can extend the topology of logical network and reduce the coupling between modules.

We still have some unclear parts and we hope you can give us some advices.




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Good place to start.  You might also cc discuss

On Thu, Jul 20, 2017 at 1:51 AM, 段凯元 <duankaiyuan@...> wrote:

Hi, everyone

Our team from China Mobile are preparing to create two new project proposals recently, But I am wondering is this the right way to send emails to this list if we want to have a discussion about the feasibility and the details before the real proposal.

One proposal is about the Hardware TTP(Typed Table Pattern) and the other one is about GNT(General Network Topology).

If this is the right way, I will give you more details about our plan.



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