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Hi Michael,

Thanks for your infomation about infrautils.metrics. which is  a very helpful util. 

In my opinion, telemetry does not overlap with metrics. 

Metrics focus on how java code works, it gives an "inner sight" of java code, sucn as how many times the api has been called, how many time a func costs. It will be very helpful in sw performance optimization work. 

Telemetry has a much wider scope, You can report any data with any program language,  for example cpu usage, memory useage, NIC statistics. User just need to define a data model.  An example is you can even report a sepecific packet forwarding delay with P4 language. If the device could report metric data, I think it is good to have metrics as a channel of telemetry.

As we know, the carriers are looking forward a new channel to collect system state from different kinds of devices, to support their new requirements, such as AI management. And we believe telemetry will be a good choice.


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Hello Huan Linying,

On Mon, Nov 6, 2017 at 9:07 AM,  <huan.linying@...> wrote:

Hi folks,

I'd like to propose telemetry, a new device run-time information channel,  as a new project of OpenDaylight. The proposal  link is:

Please review the proposal and Look forward your feedback.

several people have pointed out to me that I should let you know about upcoming

This post is a pure FYI. I have no opinion pro or con your project proposal - best of luck! (Perhaps your Telemetry project, if it gets accepted, wants to later build on top of infrautils.metrics - that's up to you. FYI infrautils.metrics will stay very simple and low-level.)

Michael Vorburger, Red Hat
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