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Kaiyuan Duan

Hi, Vivek, All

Thanks, Vivek, you are right. The GNT project only focus on the monitoring and analytics of the topo for all southbound devices, including the overlay topo and underlay topo. I think the two projects have no overlap.




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Hi Sam, All,


I have checked GNT details again, and found that actually there is no overlap with GENIUS. It appears that the focus of GNT is mainly on monitoring and analytics,  and it does not intend to perform any southbound rendering/data-plane programming for application services (NetVirt/SCF), which GENIUS does. GNT team can confirm this.

With this understanding, from my side it would be a ‘go’ for GNT.




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Including Daya and Vivek S on this thread. I believe there were some questions regarding overlap with the Genius project. It would be good to wait until they confirm that.


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Hi, everyone


    Can we move forward to start a vote for the GNT project if no more question?


Thanks and BR,





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Hi, An Ho and everyone


    I think we can move forward if no more discussion about the GNT project.


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As per the TSC call today, reviving this email thread with the hopes of getting additional feedback  from folks.


Best Regards,

An Ho



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Thanks An. 


To GNT team,

I just quickly read through the GNT proposal.

 A few comments .  If the project only provides an unified view of the topology and track the changes of the topology across different vendor devices, it is going  to be very  complementary to FaaS since FaaS is more focus on the abstraction of the topology and provides logical network services over the abstracted topology.

But In the scope, it also states “At present, the logical network of this project is based on the implementation of neutron, features can also  be extended  if ODL users have other logical network models. “,

Sounds GNT also provides services on top of the topo and wondering what services it provides, if it provides Neutron like L2/L3 services as the quote above implies, then that seems overlaps with FaaS goal in some degree.



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+Adding FAAS Mailing List


It would be great to see some cross project discussion and collaboration in this area, especially  if there may exist some potential overlap.


Best Regards,

An Ho



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Was there any discussions on how GNT compares to FaaS [1]? They seem similar in scope and seems like we had a similar discussion about scope overlap when FaaS was proposed.


Also would GNT use the TTP project or something similar?



On Sun, Sep 17, 2017 at 9:25 PM, 凯元 <duankaiyuan@...>  wrote:

Hi, everyone


What is the result of your vote for the proposal and what's the next step?






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Here is the proposal:


Previous discussion can be found here:


I'll plan to close discussion here on September 13th, so that we can try to vote by the September 14th TSC meeting and record the result there.


Please ask any more questions you have.






On Mon, Sep 4, 2017 at 10:20 PM, 凯元 <duankaiyuan@...>  wrote:

Hi, everyone


I think we are ready, let's start the creation review for GNT through email. 


Please feel free to ask any questionsAnd I have already cc all committers.




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