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Anil Vishnoi

Hi Glend,

Thanks for the project proposal. I have few quick questions

(1) Although it's not mentioned in the project proposal, but are you considering Kubernetes networking support/extension also as a part of this project proposal?
(2) Seems like you are planning to use netconf to configure VTEP on some non-hwvtep complient devices, is there any specific devices that you are planning to target ? or are you planning to provide a framework that any vendor can leverage to write their extension for the device?
(3) Architecture diagram shows "private api" can you please shed some more light on it ? 
(4) Also i see TSDR project in the architecture, can you please explain a bit about it's use in the architecture (is it a secondary persistence for monitoring data of the tunnels)?
(5) Also it shows integration with message bus, is there a plan to integrate this architecture with some external data store or to integrate it with any external orchestrator? Just want to understand the use of this message bus in the overall architecture.


On Fri, Jul 27, 2018 at 1:00 AM Glend REN <glendren12@...> wrote:
    we propose a project to the opendaylight committee. Here is the reference 

I am looking forwards your replay. Thanks.

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